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TNP resumes publication with a mission
and a clear goal: telling the truth
It is time, as Sam Houston said, for Texas to resume its rightful place among the free nations of the world.

The Texas National Press resumes publication this month as the renewed voice of the Texas Nationalist Movement. Like the movement we represent, we’re small and unsophisticated at the moment – but we’re growing. As more and more Texans come to realize that the solutions to their problems can’t come from the existing national political structure, both we and our movement will grow.

Our mission is to present Texas Nationalist Movement members, and the outside world, with the unvarnished truth. We will present the facts, and let Texans make the decision.

As part of that mission, we feel it incumbent to dispel some notions which seem to be prevalent among the public at large and the news media in particular – facts which are distorted by the politics of those who have done the reporting in the past.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is not a thinly-disguised supremacist group. Our members come from all races and all ethnicities. We reject affiliation or association with any racist or supremacist  group, and we do not want their members to join us. We welcome the participation of all Texans.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is not a “conservative” or “Republican” movement. Our members come with a wide variety of political affiliations – conservatives, libertarians, liberals, they’re all welcome in our ranks. We share one common cause: Texas independence.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is not a “militia” group. We advocate the peaceful, legal separation of Texas from the United States through the vote of the citizens of Texas. The United States has no moral justification or authority to prevent the self-determination of the people of Texas.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is not merely a group of people protesting the policies of Barack Obama. Many of us also protested the policies of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, too. We believe the federal government has exceeded its authority under the Constitution and has broken faith with the people, and seek to re-establish limited Constitutional government in a new Republic of Texas.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is not a bunch of backwoods hicks who don’t want to pay an income tax. Some of our members, in fact, favor an income tax in a new Republic of Texas. What we are opposed to is having taxes imposed on us by officials who are no longer accountable to voters.

We hope our readership will take the time to read and review the facts we present. When we have opinions to voice, they will be clearly labeled as such. It is important to establish our legitimacy and to dispel notions that we are here to disseminate propaganda.

We look forward to the coming months. Texas is full of excitement. It’s our time to be part of history again.

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